You Can’t Afford Not to Meditate

I remember my teacher saying
“If you don’t have time to meditate, you must have lots of time to suffer.”

In A Chaotic Era, You Can’t Afford Not To Meditate

Wherever we look today, it seems we can see the forces of chaos marching forward. Global economic turmoil, struggle and strife amongst nations, political instability, war, unemployment, poverty, record levels of foreclosures and high rates of unemployment. Worry and stress on every level. Even if you’re currently doing well, a look around shows just how tenuous that good fortune may be, how quickly it could turn.

It’s not surprising that there’s been an astronomical increase in the use of anti-depressant medications, despite their dangerous side effects. Nor is it a great shock that anxiety disorders and stress related illnesses have been on the rise. What is surprising is that more people haven’t turned their attention to the wisdom of the ages for the solutions it holds. Meditation is one of those solutions, certainly safer than the pharmaceutical solutions so many seek today and arguably more effective in the end.

Vedic based meditation of the sort QuietPath Meditation offers provides the ideal solution to stress management during this chaotic era. With these simple, effortless meditation techniques, you can achieve inner peace. You can improve physical health and cognitive function, as well as enhance mood and learn to control your emotions, rather than let them control you.

Make More Money With Meditation

Centering yourself via meditation, you can improve your cognitive functioning, eliminate nonproductive thought patterns and disruptive negative interior dialogue, and reduce stress. All of these things are just the natural results of the twice daily meditation you’ll learn with QuietPath Meditation.

Spend Less On Health Care

Science has proven that stress makes you sick. It produces a specific hormone – cortisol – that is destructive in continuous, large doses, damaging health in a multitude of ways. Learning to reduce stress will improve your health in ways that you’ll start to feel immediately, as well as reduce the amount of money you spend treating stress induced physical and mental health problems.

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