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How Could Anything This Simple Be So Profound?

What People Are Saying About Me

My mindfulness practice taught that the mind was like a cloudy sky. We are constantly dealing with the “clouds” of unwanted thoughts and feelings. However, above the clouds is a peaceful, controlled mind or “blue sky”. As I continued to practice mindfulness, I got really good at cloud watching but had no reliable way to ascend above the clouds into the blue sky. QPM lets go of all the cloud watching and consistently takes your mind to its blue sky state.

Paul re-introdced me to mediation after a 40 year hiatus.  I had attempted other forms of meditation but none of them could quiet my restless mind.  With his help, I immediately took to my revived meditation practice.  I have felt calmer and more focused since then and the thing which has impressed me the most (so far) is that my blood pressure has been lowered since I started meditating.  Paul is a calming presence and really cares about his students.  I recommend him.

QPM also provided another huge benefit that I never experienced during mindfulness – incredible rest and rejuvenation of the mind. Like a lot of people in demanding jobs, I would finish work most days with a fried brain. With QPM, my mind is reset with each 20-minute session and I finish my day fresh, sharp, and engaged.

Then my best friend led me to Paul. Recently, there has been a lot of stress with a new job and huge transitions. Paul gently guided me through quiet path meditation – this practice is such a breeze to get into. THERE WAS NO STRUGGLE. I felt a calmness and serenity enveloping me as I walked through my day. That night, I fell asleep so easily and had the best night’s sleep ever. Just a few days in and for the first time, there is a quiet.

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About Me

San Francisco native Paul Brown learned this meditation technique in 1970 and became an instructor in 1973. He learned from a famous man you have all heard of.

Paul has taught meditation to families, children, recovering alcoholics/addicts and prison inmates, and is certified by The Enlightened Sentencing Project.

He is an avid traveler, holding QuietPath Meditation classes in numerous cities and countries throughout the year.

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