Learn to Meditate

Here’s your golden opportunity to learn this practice on-line!

The cost of the training is $395

This is a one time only fee.

All follow-ups after the initial training are free of charge

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We can also tailor the schedule to work for You. Just ask.

Want a class in your area?

I can travel to you to teach classes for groups of five or more. I’ve taught from San Francisco to Edinborough, from Tokyo to Tarborough (North Carolina). You’ll appreciate the free on-going support I offer in person, by phone, email, or Skype even!

It’s Like a Twenty Minute Vacation, Twice a Day

QuietPath Meditation is an effortless mental technique that is simple to learn. Just 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening can make a real difference in your life. QuietPath Meditation provides a deeply restorative and rejuvenating experience, physically and mentally. Anyone can do it. It is suitable for all age groups and physical conditions. There are no demanding, rigid postures or positions involved, just a simple, easy to master meditation that can be done wherever you are (on the train, at home, etc.).

Learn to Meditate

Email me at paul@quietpathmeditation.com

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