Paul re-introdced me to mediation after a 40 year hiatus.  I had attempted other forms of meditation but none of them could quiet my restless mind.  With his help, I immediately took to my revived meditation practice.  I have felt calmer and more focused since then and the thing which has impressed me the most (so far) is that my blood pressure has been lowered since I started meditating.  Paul is a calming presence and really cares about his students.  I recommend him.

Paul is amazing…

Ive been struggling with anxiety and sleep deprivation for the past eight years. The sleep I did get was filled with darkness and nightmares. For the past three years, I was searching for a meditation practice – nothing seemed to work. I could not seem to accept such practices into my daily lifestyle. – my especially chatty mind was hard to shut off. Nothing seemed to work. Every meditation practice I previously tried was a struggle.

Then my best friend led me to Paul. Recently, there has been a lot of stress with a new job and huge transitions. Paul gently guided me through quiet path meditation – this practice is such a breeze to get into. THERE WAS NO STRUGGLE. I felt a calmness and serenity enveloping me as I walked through my day. That night, I fell asleep so easily and had the best night’s sleep ever. Just a few days in and for the first time, there is a quiet. I am satisfied in my skin and i don’t feel this lacking within myself that I’ve carried around for so long. It’s very subtle…

I’m so grateful to Paul for bringing me this clarity and quiet. This is GOLD. I want to share this with everyone I love. Paul is such a gift!

Update: I have been trying to quit smoking and feeling hopeless. Another unexpected gift – I have not craved a cigarette since I started with Paul. I actually made it through the weekend and then the week without wanting one.

I was introduced to Paul Brown through my neighbor, a tech sales executive, who said Paul’s Quiet Path Meditation (QMP) changed his life. At the time, I was one year into a mindfulness practice and looking for something more. I found it in QPM.

My mindfulness practice taught that the mind was like a cloudy sky. We are constantly dealing with the “clouds” of unwanted thoughts and feelings. However, above the clouds is a peaceful, controlled mind or “blue sky”. As I continued to practice mindfulness, I got really good at cloud watching but had no reliable way to ascend above the clouds into the blue sky. QPM lets go of all the cloud watching and consistently takes your mind to its blue sky state.

QPM also provided another huge benefit that I never experienced during mindfulness – incredible rest and rejuvenation of the mind. Like a lot of people in demanding jobs, I would finish work most days with a fried brain. With QPM, my mind is reset with each 20-minute session and I finish my day fresh, sharp, and engaged.

I highly recommend Paul and QPM for anyone who is looking for improved performance, health, and personal relationships
Paul is wonderful! His passion about meditation is contagious. His voice is so soothing and he has such a calming presence. I started meditation earlier this year to help with sleeping issues. I don’t know if it’s the meditation or the fact that I haven’t traveled internationally as much but I have been sleeping better and felt less stressed at work.I received meditation instruction from Paul in the summer of 2003. Not only has the meditation been a vital part of my daily existence ever since, but I have also received unconditional ongoing support from Paul. If you have a question about your practice, you can call him. If you want to join him in a group meditation, you are welcome. Paul remembers everyone that he teaches meditation to, and it seems to me that the reason he remembers everyone is that teaching meditation is his calling, his passion, and something that he does to make the world a better place.

Paul’s credentials are impeccable. A practitioner for over 40 years, and a teacher for almost as long, Paul learned meditation directly from a world renowned practitioner. This is no “fly-by-night” meditation teaching, but a real transmission of a very effective technique. Yes, there is a VERY nominal charge for the teaching (come on, haven’t we all wasted far more money on useless crap than we’ve ever spent on something like this, something that will ceaselessly enrich our lives?), but I do think that Paul charges only enough to support himself in continuing to bring meditation to the far corners of the earth. You’re never going to see him hosting a telethon to rake in millions so that he can buy a rolls royce and laugh his way to the bank. You are much more likely to see him – as I did – bicycling through golden gate park, standing in the middle of a meadow  with his helmet on, eating an apple while basking in the sunshine!!

As a result of my own direct experience of learning meditation from Paul, and of continuing to know him and recommend him to many personal friends over the years, I wholeheartedly recommend Paul Brown as a meditation teacher.

I wanted to tell you that I had an interview for a new job – long story short – it was an interview for 2-1/2 hours with 3 different groups of 4 people at a time. Out of 160 applicants, out of 6 interviewees, I got the job! I attribute all that to this specific meditation practice. I have totally messed up other interviews by getting too nervous in the past. I felt very calm & thoughtful during this one & obviously it worked!

Here’s a video of a  long-time student talking about her practice:

It has been a little over a year since Paul taught me QuietPath Meditation. I can attest that from the initial transmission of the teaching I have been, and continue to be, rearranged.

The elegance of this method is its utter simplicity — no special breathing techniques, nothing to hold in focus, no concentration, no levels to attain — just meditation. Easy easy lemon squeezy.

Imagine the mind like a room all cluttered up with the wrappers and packaging from the workaday activity of a day’s worth of thoughts – left untended my mind gets this think-stuff all over the place. All over the place so, I trip all over it, get peeved and tight and stressed out that I can’t find my keys that are in my hand, let alone concentrate on anything because of the seductiveness of random thought. That is the default position of my mind with out regular housekeeping. QuietPath meditation performs this housecleaning without effort – like the mind’s own Roomba. It just goes about putting things into their proper view and creating space to concentrate freely, or to just breathe easy. In fact, restoration of a balanced and refined breath just comes, too!

Paul’s technique in teaching this is as effortless as the action of the meditation. Paul is meditation in living, breathing form. To be with him is to have the sensation that there just isn’t anything left to do, only to just be.

If you’re looking for a way to relieve the mind from it’s own peculiar madness, give Paul a call, really. You can have a vacation twice a day for the rest of your life.

I’m 85 and have been meditating for two weeks. I’m happier, treat my husband better, he says, and find that my blood pressure is lower. But it may all be a co-incidence.

Since my instruction about six weeks ago, I’m experiencing a wave of good fortune and inner peace that is unprecedented. Its actually a little overwhelming. I’m working on being present to good things coming my way at long last. I feel more resilient and more open then ever.
and I attribute it all to the meditation; its the only thing in my life that’s changed.. your instruction means a lot to me, Paul, having just come out of a terribly dark place.

Since I’ve been meditating, I’ve noticed that there is a still place in me. I’ve noticed life in a clearer way. I’ve noticed more beauty. I’ve noticed what is true for me with more clarity. I’ve noticed that I need rest.  I’ve noticed God and She is amazing.

I feel this deep sense of peace and ease in my daily life. I seem to be in the right place at the right time. There seems to be a gentle conspiracy on nature’s part to make me happy.

QuietPath meditation is like standing at a crossroad looking out at the horizon and knowing and feeling like you are so LUCKY to have meditation—that you don’t have to rely on any human power to feel that good so deep down. This meditation practice is better than Christmas or birthdays. It is the greatest thing you can spend money on. This meditation is a gift.

For anyone considering learning this meditation, it has definitely been the best money I have ever spent. The first day I immediately noticed changes in the way I was seeing the things around me. I have been using it twice a day for the past year and a half now and I love the way it makes me feel when I come out of it. It gives me something to look forward to when I wake up and when I finish work. I go into it feeling very anxious and skeptical that nothing is going to make me feel better, and when I get done I seem to be unaffected by anything that may have been disturbing me twenty minutes ago. I am always looking for better ways to get more conscious contact with my higher power and now I feel like I’ve found it. The stillness I experience each time I come out of the meditation is really a miracle to me.

When you are with Paul Brown, everything settles down and makes sense.

Love for my family has grown by leaps and bounds. I have noticed a greater desire and ability to enjoy being with my family rather then trying to escape from them. I find myself wanting to do more for my partner, not out of obligation or guilt. I see now that the benefits of this meditation practice are tangible. Even if they are untouchable they are palpable.

My experience with adding meditation into my days has been life altering. I feel more focused. Implementing meditation into the 12 steps of AA has given me what I refer to as a complete recipe for life. I now have all the “ingredients” I need to make my way through any day, situation, etc. Whereas before I always felt like something was missing. I lacked confidence, there was just something I didn’t quite have to complete the meal (so to speak). Now, with adding QuietPath meditation to the 12 steps, I have the complete recipe to make anything I need. The feeling of desperation has disappeared – that “hunger” for finding that one thing that’s always been missing is now satisfied.

I joined the California National Guard on September 28th 2001, after a 15 year break in service in the Infantry. I went to Southwest Asia to support the coalition forces as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and yes, it was stressful! On top of it all, I was a 15 years sober recovered alcoholic, my wife had recently left me and I was spending 12 hour shifts guarding missiles pointed at Iraq. Not only did I have thoughts about drinking, suicide entered my mind as well. I meditated twice every day, whenever I could, even at the machine gun range with 30 guns blazing, it still works! Without meditation I wouldn’t have been able to cope with the loneliness, hopelessness and anger that came up during my mission. I have been meditating now for 15 years and problems I could never imagine being solved get totally removed in meditation. Paul Brown is a wonderful teacher, friend and human being. He has taught many of my friends this priceless gift that has literally saved my life.

Since learning this meditation practice I am more empowered, energetic, focused and less prone to depression and stagnation. I am more in touch with my Reiki and psychic energies. I am more relaxed and instead of intellectually trying to trust the Universe, I feel trust and trust the Universe to support me. I am more enthusiastic about life. I feel more connected to my highest spirit, Being it.

After years of chronic insomnia, I can finally sleep. Today, for the first time in years, I woke up feeling rested. Hallelujah!

Paul! Thank you again for being such a wonderful teacher!

Before I began this practice, I was a bit skeptical about trying a meditation class. But day-to-day stress and distractions had been devouring my creative energy for a long time and I knew I needed to do something about it. I’m thankful David Lynch, someone I deeply respect, is so passionate about meditation, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have sought any instruction at all. I tried breathing meditation before (even after taking a short class) and was bored out of my skull. So I wasn’t confident I could commit to 20 minutes twice a day to any meditation.

Now that you showed me this technique, I have no problem integrating it into my daily life and actually look forward to it.

It’s weird, people DO seem much friendlier. I also feel happier, MUCH more relaxed and more creative. I wish I had learned this technique years ago, but perhaps things happen at certain points in your life because that’s when you’re ready for them.

Thank you! 😀