I was introduced to Paul as a complement to an intensive coaching course on understanding and overcoming childhood PTSD. In the course, meditation is critical to recovery.

Paul's wonderful character and clear guidance encouraged me to engage with the process and establish a practice. Paul is a one-off and I feel privileged to have him as my teacher.

Meditation influences me to live differently. Instead of fearing the abyss and shoe-horning activity into each minute, I now schedule significantly less and I welcome the quiet spaces in my day. More and more, I take things in my stride and untethered stress is replaced by calm resolve.

I was diagnosed with PTSD related to childhood sexual abuse. I'd also had depression since before the abuse began so it was a compound issue. My craving for relief began in high school when I first heard about meditation from a friend who'd been taught. In college another friend gave me an informal meditation "lesson.” Years went by and I finally signed up and received my mantra.

Much has happened since then... new jobs, new homes, people come and go, and I continue to sit twice a day in transcendence. I no longer consider myself to "have" PTSD; it is a part of my past and the years of healing through self examination, prayer, and especially meditation have given me a life that is most often peaceful, with glimmers of joy every day.

Meditation is my salvation and the single most important thing that I do every day. Paul Brown's daily group meditation has been my saving grace during the pandemic.

I highly recommend QuietPath Meditation as part of Anna Runkle’s Daily Practice for healing C-PTSD. Since learning this technique, I find meditating much easier and more calming then what I had been doing. It feels as though it is making the Daily Practice more effective. Plus, my elevated blood pressure dropped!

After years of chronic insomnia, I can finally sleep. Today, for the first time in years, I woke up feeling rested. Hallelujah!

Paul re-introduced me to meditation after a 40-year hiatus.  I had attempted other forms of meditation, but none of them could quiet my restless mind.  With his help, I immediately took to my revived meditation practice.  I have felt calmer and more focused since then, and the thing which has impressed me the most (so far) is that my blood pressure has been lowered since I started meditating.  Paul is a calming presence and really cares about his students.  I recommend him.

Ive been struggling with anxiety and sleep deprivation for the past eight years. The sleep I did get was filled with darkness and nightmares. For the past three years, I was searching for a meditation practice – nothing seemed to work. I could not seem to accept such practices into my daily lifestyle. – my especially chatty mind was hard to shut off. Nothing seemed to work. Every meditation practice I previously tried was a struggle. I’m so grateful to Paul for bringing me this clarity and quiet. This is GOLD. I want to share this with everyone I love. Paul is such a gift!

Paul is wonderful! His passion about meditation is contagious. His voice is so soothing and he has such a calming presence. I started meditation earlier this year to help with sleeping issues. I don’t know if it’s the meditation or the fact that I haven’t traveled internationally as much but I have been sleeping better and felt less stressed at work.I received meditation instruction from Paul in the summer of 2003. Not only has the meditation been a vital part of my daily existence ever since, but I have also received unconditional ongoing support from Paul. If you have a question about your practice, you can call him. If you want to join him in a group meditation, you are welcome. Paul remembers everyone that he teaches meditation to, and it seems to me that the reason he remembers everyone is that teaching meditation is his calling, his passion, and something that he does to make the world a better place.

Paul’s credentials are impeccable. A practitioner for over 40 years, and a teacher for almost as long, Paul learned meditation directly from a world renowned practitioner. This is no “fly-by-night” meditation teaching, but a real transmission of a very effective technique. Yes, there is a VERY nominal charge for the teaching (come on, haven’t we all wasted far more money on useless crap than we’ve ever spent on something like this, something that will ceaselessly enrich our lives?), but I do think that Paul charges only enough to support himself in continuing to bring meditation to the far corners of the earth. You’re never going to see him hosting a telethon to rake in millions so that he can buy a rolls royce and laugh his way to the bank. You are much more likely to see him – as I did – bicycling through golden gate park, standing in the middle of a meadow  with his helmet on, eating an apple while basking in the sunshine!!
As a result of my own direct experience of learning meditation from Paul, and of continuing to know him and recommend him to many personal friends over the years, I wholeheartedly recommend Paul Brown as a meditation teacher.
I wanted to tell you that I had an interview for a new job – long story short – it was an interview for 2-1/2 hours with 3 different groups of 4 people at a time. Out of 160 applicants, out of 6 interviewees, I got the job! I attribute all that to this specific meditation practice. I have totally messed up other interviews by getting too nervous in the past. I felt very calm & thoughtful during this one & obviously it worked!

The elegance of this method is its utter simplicity — no special breathing techniques, nothing to hold in focus, no concentration, no levels to attain — just meditation. Easy easy lemon squeezy.

Imagine the mind like a room all cluttered up with the wrappers and packaging from the workaday activity of a day’s worth of thoughts – left untended my mind gets this think-stuff all over the place. All over the place so, I trip all over it, get peeved and tight and stressed out that I can’t find my keys that are in my hand, let alone concentrate on anything because of the seductiveness of random thought. That is the default position of my mind with out regular housekeeping. QuietPath meditation performs this housecleaning without effort – like the mind’s own Roomba. It just goes about putting things into their proper view and creating space to concentrate freely, or to just breathe easy. In fact, restoration of a balanced and refined breath just comes, too!

It’s weird, people DO seem much friendlier. I also feel happier, MUCH more relaxed and more creative. I wish I had learned this technique years ago, but perhaps things happen at certain points in your life because that’s when you’re ready for them.
Thank you!

Before I began this practice, I was a bit skeptical about trying a meditation class. But day-to-day stress and distractions had been devouring my creative energy for a long time and I knew I needed to do something about it. I’m thankful David Lynch, someone I deeply respect, is so passionate about meditation, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have sought any instruction at all. I tried breathing meditation before (even after taking a short class) and was bored out of my skull. So I wasn’t confident I could commit to 20 minutes twice a day to any meditation.

I joined the California National Guard on September 28th 2001, after a 15 year break in service in the Infantry. I went to Southwest Asia to support the coalition forces as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and yes, it was stressful! On top of it all, I was a 15 years sober recovered alcoholic, my wife had recently left me and I was spending 12 hour shifts guarding missiles pointed at Iraq. Not only did I have thoughts about drinking, suicide entered my mind as well. I meditated twice every day, whenever I could, even at the machine gun range with 30 guns blazing, it still works! Without meditation I wouldn’t have been able to cope with the loneliness, hopelessness and anger that came up during my mission. I have been meditating now for 15 years and problems I could never imagine being solved get totally removed in meditation. Paul Brown is a wonderful teacher, friend and human being. He has taught many of my friends this priceless gift that has literally saved my life.

Love for my family has grown by leaps and bounds. I have noticed a greater desire and ability to enjoy being with my family rather then trying to escape from them. I find myself wanting to do more for my partner, not out of obligation or guilt. I see now that the benefits of this meditation practice are tangible. Even if they are untouchable they are palpable.

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