PB in Malta

Paul Brown

Why Learn From Me?

I have been teaching since 1973. Classes are small, so you receive lots of attention and ongoing support. Classes are also fun and lively. I teach because I have experienced tremendous growth myself from this practice, which inspires me to want to share it with others.

  • This specific meditation practice has brought so much joy and freedom to my life. I am lucky to have the opportunity as a teacher to help other people experience more joy, freedom, success, and serenity in their lives.
  • I show people how to plug into the "cosmic internet," almost like downloading an app, an app that helps us fulfill our deepest desires.
  • Meditation teaches me that I am part of something much larger. I am a wave on the ocean and I am also the ocean; the longer I meditate, the more support I have from the whole ocean of consciousness.
  • The wave is exhilarating and joyous and filled with love. As a result of my QuietPath Meditation practice, I find that I love everything I see. This makes interacting with others fun — when you have tapped into that powerful ocean of consciousness, when it is you, you have a lot to give. You are not stressed out, no longer exhausted by life. Your level of appreciation for every little thing grows.
  • I know that in teaching meditation, I make a difference in individual lives, and as the thousands of my students and I continue to meditate every day, we help to create a better world.
  • When I’m not teaching or meditating, you’ll find me making or taking in art. I’m interested in the connections between art and perception, the link between perception and consciousness. People make pilgrimages to great works of art because they are changed by the experience.
  • The consciousness of the artist enters into the work, and by viewing the work, we are changed.
  • I do my meditation practice because it keeps me fresh, vital and enthusiastic (EN +THEOS meaning — full of the holy spirit or inspired).
  • I am also a founding member of the International Teachers of Meditation Association.

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