Author: Paul Brown, Meditation Teacher, San Francisco Bay Area

December Twenty-First

Today is the birthdate of my teacher’s teacher. Swami Brahmananda Saraswati One of his students was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi And amongst his students we can remember The Beatles, who sang Jai Guru Dev in their song, Across the Universe. Jai

Peace On Earth: There’s an APP for that!

    Remembering meditating with 7,000 people for 3 weeks, almost 30 years ago. the Happiness Index rose and the Suffering Index fell. It could happen again. Any time. I’m in the red beret, on the left, about 900 rows

Group Meditation: Uniting the Forces of Nature for World Peace

It will come as no surprise that your meditation results can be amplified exponentially when you practice with a group of like-minded people. But did you know that there’s information supporting an understanding of how large assemblies of meditation groups

Meditation Can Ease ADD/ADHD Symptoms

ADD/ADHD have become quite prevalent, with the number of children prescribed powerful pharmaceutical medicines to treat its symptoms growing in leaps and bounds during the past few decades. The range of symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD is broad, with many coming

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